A Wise Man Once Said:

"Let Freedom Light Our World so that we may be active creators of
peace, prosperity, and well-being for the human race and planet earth"

  • Flow begins with a virtual community and web-site.

    In time, the network produces articles, books, and ultimately a print magazine which builds community and develops its understanding of how best to accelerate the growth of global well-being in mind, body, and spirit. Flow welcomes a diverse community composed of all who seek to create a better world.

  • Flow is a growing network of thinking

    Aware idealists who are motivated by compassion, girded by courage, and guided by reason to create a better world. We believe that we can create a world of near-universal prosperity, beauty, and grace within the lifetimes of our grandchildren.




In all areas of belief we welcome the splash of cold water that comes with a more accurate view of Reality. Flow welcomes dialogue and disagreement, evidence and argument. We are thankful for every advance in clarity and objectivity. We understand that our opponents may be our best teachers.


Equally with respect with regard towards the lifestyles of others, responsibility is just an indication of readiness and wellbeing and to one existence. We understand that a vital to patient would be to provide ourselves yet others the regard that originates from thinking that individuals can handle getting complete liability for all their actions, thoughts, and intentions. To be able to create a planet that is greater, we each ought to pleasant obligation.


We welcome progress, change, improvement, and advancement within our neighborhood, our buddies, our faces, and our world. We don't worry change. We accept it, it is welcomed by us, it is explored by us, it advances. The planet's life is in an procedure, and we shall definitely pursue the planet to improve in a nature of obligation bravery, and love.

Actualizing the Four Private Obligations

Collectively these four commitments add up to dedication to religious psychological readiness development, a look for elegance, innovative love, transcendent being, home-actualization, or whatsoever a specific person additional language whatsoever. All of them include a continuing dedication to transcending restrictions and the chronic limitations that people all fall under regarding body brain, and nature. All of them include meaning and an objective for a lifetime: We're required to become the very best being that people may become, in most feeling.



Globalization provides various kinds of success to all-in these countries that permit independence of human conversation, and thought, motion, industry, expense. As countries permit higher financial freedom while releasing the circulation of providers products, money, suggestions, info, and individuals across edges, we anticipate the worldwide standard of dwelling to improve significantly and constantly.


Independence in healthcare training, and also the development of towns allows the development of more healthy societies. We find to enhance the caliber of existence in most countries by releasing healthcare training, property, and community providers. Experienced entrepreneurs, provided the freedom will generate greater methods for assembly with individual requirements if we permit them to do this.


To ensure that progressive designers to produce an ever more better planet for several, it's essential that some aren't permitted to weaken the wellbeing within their quest for their very own well-being of others. We ought to produce methods of residence rights that make sure that one another is not harmed by people.


It is at our take the very first time ever. Governments involved with each other in industry don't start conflicts with one another. Nearly all the planet's countries are now actually devoted to market companies and government. Peace may progressively become standard as this worldwide community strengthens. Circulation attempts to comprehend the progress of international peace to increase.


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